About Us

Our company is famous in producing men's shirt fabrics. The company is incorporated as a joint-stock company,
fully belonging to the Nasser family. Since its establishment in 1979,
it has distinguished itself in the market for top quality production, workmanship and management.

Overview of Company/Products/Services

Thread count is from 140/2-120/2-100/2 N.E., and the range of products includes fabrics 100%cotton,100%linen,cotton blended with linen and cotton blended with manmade fibres.

The company has highly developed its business in the export market,we already export To many countries all over the world like(Italy-turkey-Tunis-Syria-France-Brazil) with direct way of fabric export.

As we believe in the cluster (co-operation) between companies, by making fabrics to shirt manufacturers and by this way we export our fabric production as readymade garments through them with cooperation to(Italy-France-German-Saudi Arabia-United Kingdom-Canada).