About us

Nasser Tex since 1979, Continuously as (LP) limited partnership family business,
Established with a passion for quality and a commitment to heritage.

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company's vision.

In the heart of The Best World’s Cotton Country, there stands a family business that weaves not only intricate patterns into fabric but also threads of tradition, dedication, and excellence. For generations, the NASSER TEX Company has been a beacon of Woven Fabrics and innovation in the textile industry

Established with a passion for quality and a commitment to heritage, As a cornerstone of the community, the NASSER TEX family has not only nurtured a thriving business but also fostered a sense of community and pride among its employees..

We believe in Respect, Responsibility / Balance / Collaboration / Agility & Flexibility / Continues learning/ Humanity & Equality [human rights for all genders & kinds] / Environment rights / Sustainability.

Our Vision is To be Always THE BEST fashion solution for garment makers. As we Admire All that’s new & Make it with Passion for Quality. Quality by all meanings between our team, clients & suppliers, all as partners. 

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